Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 2 of Diary of a Tired Mom

Last night was much easier. I can't believe it but I think that this might just work. I took really good notes to, not that anyone but myself can decipher them but hey it was 1 in the morning. 
Going to bed was hard for 3.0, there are many things that she is not use to. First off having the kids in the room while she is trying to feed is hard. Last night she did not want to eat at all and I think that one reason it took sooo long for her to go to sleep.  But in reality it was only 21 min of crying, compaired to 60 min the night before.  2.0 did not cry at all, but she was covering her ears trying to block out sister. When I did my check at 10 min, 2.0 was sleeping and 3.0 was quieting down.
I went in at 11:22 last night to dream feed because I was so worried about her not eating at bed time. And it seamed like a good idea at the time I think that it backfired at 1 am because that was when the first wakeups began.

1:28am 2.0 opens up the door, calling to me. I get up and walk to the door, she runs back to bed and lays down. I shut the door with out saying anything. And as you can see by my play-by-play in my notes this all lasted till about 2am. I dream fed 3.0 at 4am for 4 min and she slept till 7:40!  Once 2.0 is asleep she did well till about 5:37. All I did was take her potty then bring her back to bed. She slept till 7:15am!

Naps today were hard. We went out and had tons of fun. The girls got the length that they needed so I'm not to upset. But lets see how it plays out tonight.

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