Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 3 of Diary of a Tired Mom

After tonight I am feeling kinda dumb for not starting this sooner. The girls did fantastic tonight. It was amazing. 3.0 went down at 6:50 (she missed her 3rd nap at 4) and cried for 7 min then was fast asleep. I thought that for sure 2.0 would wake her when we came in after book and potty. But no, zip, zero, nadda. No crying at all. We have a video monitor in her room so I watched for 15 min to see if she was going to get up at all. She just layed there eyes open for ten min then fell asleep.  I could not believe this!

Then at night, I slept through my 12am alarm to dream feed 3.0 and she work up at 1, so I went and fed her 3 min, put her down she was asleep. She made noises about 3 min later, but she was just turning over to her tummy.  And that was all out of her for the night. 2.0 woke up about 5-7 min later saying she was hungry, but I went over what she had eaten that day and knew that she had enough to eat. So once she got up and opened the door, I took her back to bed and said "Now is not the time to eat, it is sleepy time". And left the room. She started to cry and tantrum. Im thinking "oh here it comes". But it only lasted for less then 30 sec! What the heck!

I dream fed 3.0 at 4 and she woke up at 6:50 for the day.  Im am wondering if I had remembered to feed her at 12 if she would have woke at all?

Between 4 and 6:30 2.0 somehow managed to sneak out of her room and into my bed. I woke at 6:30 to her touching my face. So I think that it was closer to 6:30. (I hope). 

I can not believe the transformation from 3 nights ago to today. I mean, is it really possible to have such a dramatic change in 3 nights? Have I really just endured 4 years of bad sleeping to have it change in less then a week? I was sooo against cry-it-out (that is pretty much what this is) but it works and my kids still love me when they wake up. 

I am going to keep up my diary till Friday but hopefully by then all I will be writing about is 2.0 and 3.0 slept all night long!

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