Sunday, January 15, 2012

UpCycle of Old Dress

We got this very cute dress from a friend and Chloe just loves it, the only problem? It is about 2 inches to short and shows off her cute little undies. So instead of getting rid of it I decided to make it a new dress and as a added bonus a skirt too. 

Here is the dress. Oops I already cut it when I remembered to take the pic. 
 So I cut it in half right under the seam of the bodices very carefully. I put aside the skirt for later use and started on the skirt for the dress. I found this really beautiful fabric called Larkspur Meadow.
I just fell in love with it. It works so well with the pink of the dress which has small flowers embroidered at the top.  

I took the length of the skirt that came with the dress and added 3 inches to it for good coverage. Then I just cut out a rectangle of that 17" by 36". Then I sewed a quick basting stitch along the top of the rectangle and gathered it so that it was the same circumference as the bodice. Then put the bodice over the dress right sides together and sewed with a zigzag all the way around.  To make it a very easy project I used the selvage for the bottom for a nice and easy construction. 

 That is it for the dress.
The skirt was equally easy. All I did was cut a piece of elastic. I got mine from Ruffle My piece of elastic was 19" long, about 1" greater then her waist size. Overlap the elastic about 1/2" and use a zigzag to sew them together. Then I just sewed the elastic right on the skirt.  And voila! 

She loves it!

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